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Our scholarships are geared towards more than just music. We are driven by the passion behind ALL aspects of the arts; theater, producing, film, graphics, fashion and so much more. 

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            We would like to congratulate our first educational recipient of the AJR Music Scholarship Foundation Emma Pacheco!! 😁👏🎶🎼🎺🏅

Emma is an outstanding Junior/Senior Music Education major, and was recently rewarded the Rick Vars scholarship. She is a trombonist who has played in the wind ensemble as well as the orchestra each year of her semesters at Rhode Island College. 

Emma has also played in the Jazz Band and has graced an audience with her beautiful singing voice performing with the RIC concert Chorus almost every semester. 

         Emma was not the strongest player when she first arrived at RIC, but with laser focus and perseverance has become an outstanding player and performed a beautiful exemplary senior recital. She is hard working and dedicated. Unheard of at RIC, Emma will graduate in 3 1/2 years after she student teaches in the fall, GO EMMA! 👏🥳🎉

She has taken many summer classes to accomplish this amazing feat while putting herself through school. Being AJRMSF first recipient will help her tremendously and its all thanks to YOU!!! Keep up the fantastic work Emma we here at AJRMSF are extremely proud of you!!!

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